You sent a personalized proposal to your prospect and promised to follow-up at the end of the week.

It’s the end of the week. How will you follow-up? If you’ve promised an email follow-up, please do not be the person who:

•Wastes the opening by telling them your name, company name, product name, etc
•Wastes their time with irrelevant, inauthentic openings.
•Asks if they’ve had time to review your proposal
•Asks what you can do to “earn their business”

What should you email?

Begin with a touchpoint explaining the follow-up.

Hi Name,
As promised, I’m following-up…

Explain in emotionally sticky language why you’re following-up

to ensure you have everything you need for (insert what they’re looking for here).

Ask an authentic question

Would you like to talk further about other exciting options to (insert benefit, benefit and benefit here).

Take control of the next step

I’ll plan to phone you Monday afternoon if we don’t connect before then.

End with a delighter

You can count on (insert what they can genuinely count on here).

Waaaaay better than an email follow-up, would be a phone follow-up.

The next time you send a proposal, give yourself permission to phone so you don’t waste time with the intermediary email step.

Revolve all communications around the buyer so they read and respond to give you best results.


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