How to Say It to Sell It:

Key Words, Phrases, and Strategies to Build Relationships, Boost Revenue, and Beat the Competition!

This book is about standing out from the crowd. Each page is filled with specific, easy-to-apply, practical nuggets of information to help you create the relationships, and sales success you’ve always dreamed about.

Look through a dozen books on selling and what do you find? If you’re lucky, you read about how someone (the writer) became successful. The challenge is that his or her techniques are often based on his style, type of clients and customers, her products, personal philosophy, faith, or closing cycles. This book isn’t like that.

This book is about how you communicate your particular sales message to your clients, prospects and customers. It’s about communicating with power, persuasion and precision. This book is about transforming the way you think, and the way you say and write your messages, so that you sell more, more easily.

Here is my challenge to you: As you read each strategy and idea, picture yourself using it. Think about how you can apply and achieve success with each idea and selling tip. Don’t rush to get to the end of the book. It won’t do you any good on the shelf. Take the time not just to read this book, but to use it. Then, watch your career skyrocket and your confidence soar.

See yourself selling to your favorite – or least favorite – customer. Practice using the skills that help you Say It to Sell It. This book is loaded with strategic concepts for you to apply, and specific steps for you to follow. You’ll learn exactly how you can blast the competition, boost revenue, and build the relationships that make selling easy, fun and profitable.

You went into sales to be in control of your earning potential, to influence others and to help them create success. The concepts in this book will teach you how to do that. You’ll learn how to:

  • make cold calls more easily and more successfully,
  • create emails that separate you from your competitive set,
  • break through to prospects who are happy with their current suppliers,
  • present, pitch and persuade with power, polish and pizzazz,
  • boost your success and amp up your sales potential,
  • invite your customers to see the value you offer, and
  • sell more, more easily.

If you’re looking for specific, actionable ideas to propel your sales career forward, this book is for you.

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Part I: Keys to Successful Sales Conversations

Chapter 1: Listening to Overcome Objections
Listen For Points of Agreement
Listen For Their Hidden Question
Talk about How You Agree
When You Can’t Agree, Listen Again
Offer Your Solution and the Next Step

Chapter 2: Using Tools of Persuasion
Talk About the Elephant in the Room
Tell Them What You Can Do – Not What You Can’t
Eliminate Common Selling Mistakes
Nobody Wins With Win-Win
Align Your Body Language with Your Words

Chapter 3: Become Your Customer to Sell It
Pay Attention to Your Prospect
Sell to Customers the Way They Want to Buy
Adapt Your Communication Style to Theirs

Part II: Selling It on the Phone

Chapter 4: Cold Calling with Confidence
Expect Yes!
Determine the Result You Want From the Call
Prepare Relevant Questions to Keep Them Engaged
Plan Your Approach, Pitch and Closing Step
Find REAL Prospects
Make the Call

Chapter 5: Using Voicemail to Start and Maintain the Sales Conversation
Create Messages They Want to Return
Tips to Enhance Cold Call Success
Make Your Outgoing Voice Message Sell

Part III: High Impact Presentations that Sell

Chapter 6: Structuring the High Impact Sales Presentation
Open With a Compelling Argument
Provide Your Solution
Present Your Conclusion
Ask For the Next Step
Take Control of the Q&A

Chapter 7: Preparing for a Powerful Presentation
Be Careful What You Tell Yourself
Present Prepared and Poised
Create Questions to Ask and Answer
Prep the Room for Maximum Attention
Set the Stage for a Professional First Impression
Be Ready – for Anything

Chapter 8: Making the Sales Presentation Come Alive
All Business is Show Business!
Get Them Involved
Add Humor
Presenting to “Friends”

Part IV: Selling It in Writing

Chapter 9: The Secret to Persuasive Sales Writing
Plan Your Message
Write It!
Check Your Writing
Give Them a Reason to Respond to You
Make Sure Your Message is Clear to Them
Give Good News Before Bad

Chapter 10: Getting Your Email to Sell for You
Subject Lines that Sell
Say It Clearly and Concisely
Close with Care
Mind Your Email Manners

About the Author [TK]

I’m not someone who goes for coaches and mentors but since I read Power Sales Writing and then Say it to Sell It, you weren’t only speaking to me but also to my team. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to your great email etiquette. It was needed and you nailed it.

Laura Mulholland, CMPDirector of Sales, LiveNation/House of Blues