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Two Tactics to Get Your Prospecting Email Opened

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At this moment, I have 135 emails in my inbox. I admit to using my inbox as my to-do list, and you may be a “zero-email inboxer.” Either way, we…

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How to sell in a “buyer’s market”

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There’s a lot of talk these days about this being a “buyer’s market” with sellers constantly being reminded they’ll be expected to provide additional “concessions” to win the business.


Personalize Your Proposal … or Die!

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Okay… so the heading may be a bit extreme. Or, maybe not. Not if you’re in sales and you want to sell. Being relevant has always been key and thankfully,…


3 Ways to Immediately Close More Business

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Every sales person needs to close the sale yet the idea of “closing” (think about these examples [but before you play, know these are not G rated clips]:The Wolf of…


Dump the Mystery Shop to Build More Sales

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A new client was explaining how customer-centric his luxury brand is, yet customers, when queried, weren’t exactly feeling the love – nor selecting his hotel. Me: “Are you shopping your…


Emotional Authenticity: The Key to Greater Sales Success

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I’ve been meaning to start blogging again, with the promise of staying consistently consistent, and reading MPI’s “future of the meetings industry” forced me into it. It was a post about…


A False Positive When Selling

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My client invited me to skype into her sales meeting. “Wait until you hear what they think is a legitimate – a hot! – lead. It will make you sick,”…


Why you are likely selling the wrong thing

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What matters to your customer? It’s the only thing that matters. I was lucky enough today to have a great convo with a DOSM who said she learned from a…


4 reasons (and what you can do) to get business from your “friends”

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One of my very best friends is an independent meeting planner who hires speakers for her clients. But I can’t remember the last time she hired me. And it’s my…