Business is back! Differently.

Polish your digital and virtual skills for an exciting hybrid world!


Ahhhh! Walk down the aisle and hear, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking!” #MeetingsMeanBusiness

To say buyer behavior has radically changed may be an understatement!

But the challenge isn’t that they’ve changed; it’s that too many sellers haven’t.

Important new research from Rain Group shows the amazing opportunity:
“Only 16% of virtual sellers are effective at making an ROI case
Only 21% differentiate themselves well
Only 23% gain buyer attention and keep them engaged in virtual meetings”

With the right virtual selling skills, it’s easy to stand out, engage and drive revenue!

And fresh, digital communication skills – smart email and social messaging – enables sellers to nurture and win business.

This is the time to elevate the conversation, extend your hand and inspire buyers to buy from YOU!


Selling during a pandemic heightens buyer needs for:

Empathy, care, communication
Emotional certainty
Personalization, customer-centricity
Frictionless action
Thoughtful nurturing
Authentic positivity and
Clear ROI

You can’t stop and hope for a return to what was or wait for what will be! Tweaking sales skills to match buying behaviors is key to driving results.

Email Sales Training

Email Sales Training

December 29, 2015

Virtual Presentation and Communication Skills

Virtual Presentation and Communication Skills

December 28, 2015


Using Communication to Turn Prospects into Clients

“Today, our training class had the opportunity to learn SO much from speaker Sue Hershkowitz-Coore. For those who think they have nothing to learn in regard to proper email etiquette, I highly suggest you read this book… your ENTIRE perspective will be changed forever.”Trey Moreau, Manager Training

“Power Sales Writing – my #1 sales book EVER! A must read for those that prospect via email. It will change how you act, think, write. A must read for ALL sales people, customer service reps, client engagement.”Melissa Giannola


SpeakerSue focuses on digital and virtual as the basis for sales training. Why? Because remote – email, Zoom, Teams – is the way we sell today. From building engagement, intimacy and trust to becoming a trusted partner through smart, strategic virtual follow-up, it’s your communication skills that are your advocate, collateral and your handshake!







When the relationship is developed digitally, what you write – whether prospecting and business building, managing “objections” or crafting compelling responses to RFPs – matters.

Your sales force is too busy playing whack-a-mole with their in-box and e-channel leads, to get it right. Instead of nurturing and adding insight to the buying experience, they knee-jerk respond with transactional, off-putting messaging.

Intent and care advance the sale, not information, transaction or content. (Yet, intent is only correctly understood 52% of the time in email.)

Boost response rates by 15% simply by infusing positivity. Tell your story persuasively and accelerate success more than double that. Smart foundational skills and powerful, modern strategic selling tools change everything.

What Clients Say… And You Will ToO

"Thank you very much! The training was fantastic and is already showing improved results with email response rates.”

Dan ScalponeDirector of Sales, VINTAGE KING

"Thank you!!! We got fantastic feedback on your session and how it will help our team going forward! Much appreciated!"

Lee JonesVice President, Revenue Management Advisory Services, Marriott International

"Wow, just wow. You exceeded all expectations with your presentation on Monday and I can't thank you enough for such an outstanding session. The participants loved it and so many came up to me telling me how much they learned from you and that it was the best sessions on the program."

Kristen HunterSenior Event Director, ExL Events

"Ritz-Carlton has partnered with Sue for many years; she is now an integral part of our training curriculum and has created raving fans due to her incredible ability to instill terrific communication skills ... we’ve seen very strong results."

Kelly Wood Senior Manager, Global Training Strategy, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

"Wow that day was amazing yesterday! The team is buzzing and working hard to put everything into practice. It was everything I hoped and dreamed the session would inspire. It’s really going to help us set a new fresh tone and drive our sales results."

Natasha MytnowychManaging Director, The Globe and Mail Centre,Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Sue is Rock star. Follow the steps she provides and you will nail your quota, and develop genuine business relationships."

Amy JohnsonGeneral Manager, The Confidante


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I loved your presentation today for so many reasons. In particular, your great content and the way you delivered it. But it was even more than that. This was the first online program that I’ve attended (and I’ve been on a LOT since March!) where I felt almost like I was attending a face-to-face meeting…. It was YOU and how you engaged with us. So, thank you for that!

Cara Tracy, CMP, CMMGlobal Client Advisor