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When you first got into sales, you were proud of the product you were selling and you knew with your charming and persuasive personality, you could sell enough to make your numbers.

But your dream of sky diving off the Empire State building as the top award winner on your first incentive trip was quickly dashed as your qualified leads and previous customers ignored your emails, proposals, calls and texts.

You cringe every time you think about that old-school sales strategy one of the old timers told you about to “Send ‘em the nasty breakup email. It works every time.”

(Did you seriously tell your prospect that because you hadn’t heard back, you were worried they may have fallen off a cliff or gone fishing permanently?)

You learned a lot along the way and are now back working, energized but feeling a touch rusty. It would feel so good to update and polish your skills; to know you and your team are using modern, practical tactics and visionary strategies to create distinction and desire.

So what connects and engages prospects and buyers in 2021- 22?

That’s where I come in.

I started helping people get better results when my ex-father-in-law (he was current then) was promoted to management. He had been great doing what he was doing but the manager thing, not so much. I realized that with my background in English, Education and Counseling, I could come up with ideas to help him connect and communicate in a more persuasive, professional and likable way. And it worked.

Time passed and a major NYC seminar company hired me – their first female facilitator! – to provide “Business Writing Skills.” I was on-the-road training two weeks every month throughout North America, and it was the beginning of my 6 million+ American Airlines miles.

Today, I help clients globally sell more by communicating care more. Not by working harder (well, maybe a little), but by focusing on messaging that creates positive win-ratios and delighted, loyal customers. My clients are smart already so we build on current sales success to multiply and magnify that success.


When you’re done learning how SpeakerSue’s sales training helps your team stand apart from the competition, come back to listen to her guest podcast appearance with Eric Rozenberg. Sue and Eric have a lively 35 minutes conversation about what types of communication matters to buyers today. (Get ready for a few surprises!)

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How you ask? By starting with digital body language – transforming emails and texts into communications that attract results – instead of ghosts! With new sales writing skills, clients get to sell more easily and they’re way more productive because they aren’t always following-up their follow-up. From business building to nurturing to advancing and converting — they apply proprietary strategies and tactics that got me named, “Best Hospitality Sales Trainer – 2021 – USA.” Check out what they have to say about their learning experience.

Every learning program I present – on-site training or webinars – is 100% designed to help you achieve your dreams. There is nothing stale on a shelf or past expiration date here. Nothing. Instead, I assess current emails your group sends and do my due diligence with your stakeholders and learners before crafting your bespoke training. Your experience? Frictionless, easy, seamless! Once you say, “Yes, please,” we handle everything. We agree on a date, place and time and your part is done (except for the check, of course).


I loved your presentation today for so many reasons. In particular, your great content and the way you delivered it. But it was even more than that. This was the first online program that I’ve attended (and I’ve been on a LOT since March!) where I felt almost like I was attending a face-to-face meeting…. It was YOU and how you engaged with us. So, thank you for that!

Cara Tracy, CMP, CMMGlobal Client Advisor

SpeakerSue rocks! As a side benefit of sales training, CX has improved. Customers are noticing that we’re different because our everyday emails now show care, build excitement and create trust. Front Desk and Ops are now going through training to Zingle smarter.

When our SDRs realized changing their email style would help them make their bonuses, they were all in! Our bonus is lower turnover and retaining our talent is critical to our success. Thank you SpeakerSue!

Not the biggest sales training company, but the very best


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But if you and your team are already excellent selling, communicating, leading and presenting, let’s go to the next level. Your sales training is about what you and your team need to drive revenue, increase sales, save money and make money.


Let’s look at what will most help you move the needle and check availability. Connect with me here or LinkedIn, Email me or call +1-480-575-9711.

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