Being clear on your prospecting WHY is critical to your success. Yes, of course, you’re prospecting to generate new leads, grow your business, exceed your quota.

But what do you want to accomplish from your outbound email? If you want to persuade, influence or motivate someone who has no clue about who you are and what you do, to agree to a meeting, you need to give them a compelling reason to do so.

And your compelling reason isn’t likely because of all the cool things your product can do. It’s about all the cool things your product can do for them. (If you want to reread that, I’m happy to wait!)

Can you find a compelling reason for this prospect to respond to this outreach example?


The seller talked about the product but neglected to get the prospect excited about the product. What will the smartly designed hotel rooms do for me and the team I might want to bring there?

Prospecting is about exciting them, intriguing them – in some way piquing their interest – so they WANT to take the next step in their buyer’s journey with you. With this foundation, you are on your way to engaging them and building relationships, business and sales.

Hi Name,

I am writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person who handles meetings and events/leisure travel/transient business?

*Hotel* has been recently renovated with smartly designed hotel rooms and suites and complimentary high-speed hotel Wi-Fi. We are all about connectivity and comfort.

If you are the appropriate person to speak with, what does your calendar look like? If not, who do you recommend I talk to?


Everyone seems to agree the average response rate for cold sales emails is around 1%.

Why is that and why would you settle for that?

There are only two reasons for such a low average.
1. Unqualified leads
2. Rotten emails.

If you double that response rate, what will that mean to you? What if you get to 5% or 20%? It is absolutely possible with a combination of, yup, you guessed it, qualified leads and strategic emails.

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