How can I get better response to my emails?

Positive emails enjoy a 15% higher response rate than those perceived to be neutral or negative. Start with authentic positivity totally focused on what your prospective buyer will gain. It’s an amazing opportunity to drive sales with better email messaging!

Are there “secret” words I should use – or words to stop using – in my email? Secret? Not-so-much! Or they shouldn’t be.

Using brain-friendly messaging and words that create emotional certainty for the buyer get action. Emails that ping positive nodes in the brain create likeability and trust, most important to earn commitment now.

More, there are words that turn buyers off. Easy ones like contract (use agreeement), property (use hotel, venue, resort), concession (use inclusion). It’s amazing how even a word like “capabilities” can change how buyers think about your offer.

What’s the best way to follow-up no response?

First, follow-up! Only 44% of sales reps follow up with a prospect once. And 94% of salespeople give up after four attempts. A smart, strategic email – messaging that makes them smarter with you than without you – gets results. You shouldn’t need four attempts and even if you do, strategic emails relationship build rather than annoy the client.

Does email etiquette still matter and what is it? True for texting too?

Yes and yes! Email etiquette matters. Care matters. Attention to detail matters. Those who pay attention to the small details are rewarded with the big agreements.

Texting? 90% of texts are read within three minutes. But read the fine print. What mass SMS companies (and their marketing stats) don’t make as clear: Texting is too personal a tool to use for prospecting.
Don’t text strangers. But once you have a relationship, texting can be an awesome sales channel.

Can my out-of-office really impact my sales results?

Yes. Your OOO takes your place for one day or a full holiday. How can you enhance the relationship with a bounce back? Oh, let me count the ways! Most important, remember you aren’t selling brain surgery (unless you are). Use your brand voice to tickle, delight and help your customers want to wait until your return.

Email is an amazing tool to create distinction and desire. Used well, it can help retain and delight customers even when you can’t give them what they want. What we know is email, used to its full potential, is a powerful technology to build trusted collaborations, strategically advance sales, and generate solid, profitable business relationships.

Drive Results with New Thinking

When you want growth, profitability and revenue, email is your strategic sales advantage!

Imagine if each sales person on your team books just one additional “piece of business” in the next 3 months because of sales training. What will that mean to the bottom line?

What if only half of your team saves 50% of the time they currently spend emailing? What ROI will that provide?

With the simple 3-step planning process, you can count on saving up to 80% of the time spent crafting great emails.

And the 4-step proprietary Email Success Formula! You are looking at the key to prospecting, nurturing and (depending on sale complexity) even converting the lead.


Everything on-the-shelf has an expiration date. That’s why we only offer just-for-you training. That’s likely the reason clients say they have gained and saved thousands of dollars (Pounds, Yuans, Euros, Czech korunas, Swiss francs, and more) in increased productivity, retained customers and talent, and converted leads.

It’s all about your objectives and initiatives.

My team and I work with your stakeholders and participants to collect email, and other e-channel examples. Then, I personally review every email to assess strengths and assess what must change for better results.

YOUR examples are used exclusively for the training ensuring your group leaves with practical, immediately applicable skills. They’re prepared to articulate YOUR brand distinction and authentically extend their hand to help buyers feel safe and smart selecting your services.

Even better, during sales training, your participants thoughtfully create fresh, polished, emotionally appealing examples and templates to personalize and use to sell more easily.

Your work is working! E-mails and proposals are being subjected to planning, doing, then checking. A bit rocky at first, the outcomes and responses from clients have proved motivating to the sales team. You are amazing, and have inspired our team. Thank you Sue.

Mindy AbelCMP, CTA Senior Vice President Convention Sales, Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau

I just wanted to say thank you! I’m sitting in a meeting and had to introduce myself and the facilitator said it was the BEST introduction he has ever heard. Thanks to you, I have perfected my self introduction.

Jason Ware Sr. Manager, Operations & Meetings, American Heart Association

Thank you for making such a big impact on the Disney Sales team. Your message, delivery, and humor is just what we needed. Outstanding!

Jamie MurdockSenior National Sales Director, The Walt Disney Company

I was in your session last week on Email Effectiveness at IAEE. I won one the book, and have taken it with me everywhere! 🙂 I wanted to let you know that it is working, I am getting responses, not just “read” email confirmations. Thank you!

Lesly RehautCMP, CMM

Depending on your requirements, SpeakerSue will cover how to:

Articulate a unique, compelling, aligned value message

Control the next step in the sales process

Eliminate outdated/self-sabotaging phrasing

Create emotionally sticky messaging

Prospect and develop leads

Write purposeful, complete and concise emails

Sell higher ADR with confidence

Use email to build stronger relationships

Polish skills to save time and boost productivity

Manage “objections” and challenging situations in email

Bring your personal style to the sale

Convey your brand essence and do justice to your brand

Email is dead! Long live email!

Communicating with customers and clients may be the most outstanding need but internal communications set the tone for success.

How much more productive could your operational team and other colleagues be if their emails were clear, purposeful, kind and helpful? Whether your sales force is priority or operational teams with emails and messaging platforms, written communication training enhances feelings of trust, likeability and desire.

Email training isn’t just for the sales force! Let SpeakerSue customize Email Etiquette training or Zingle (or other platform) training for your entire team. Watch their stress melt, office politics diminish, productivity grow and customers feel better and more loyal to you.

33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. But how do the other 67% decide?

Emails with the word “Reminder” in the subject line are the least frequently opened emails.

Emails that start with “Happy Friday!” actually create negative feelings in the majority of recipients.

Email training isn’t just for the sales force! Let SpeakerSue customize Email Etiquette training for your entire team and watch stress melt, petty office politics diminish and productivity grow.


Sue will provide a program tailored to your brand and needs that will transform behavior and provide profound results.

Have a leader who is a diamond in the rough, or a sales manager whose communication skills just aren’t representative of your organization? 

Through personalized, confidential virtual coaching and consulting, SpeakerSue elevates their skills and guides them, ensuring best results. Sue accepts a very limited number of coaching clients, ensuring they receive the quality attention and individual instruction they need to perform at their best.