How to Say It to Sell It:

Key Words, Phrases, and Strategies to Build Relationships, Boost Revenue, and Beat the Competition!

This book is about standing out from the crowd. Each page is filled with specific, easy-to-apply, practical nuggets of information to help you create the relationships, and sales success you’ve always dreamed about.

Look through a dozen books on selling and what do you find? If you’re lucky, you read about how someone (the writer) became successful. Who cares? You want to know how you can consistently and authentically develop relationships, grow revenue and stand out from your competitive set.

This book provides specific, clear, easy-to-follow principles to ensure you communicate your particular sales message to your clients, prospects and customers. It’s about communicating with power, persuasion and precision. This book is about transforming the way you think, and the way you say and write your messages, so that you sell more, more easily.

Boost Confidence.

Skyrocket Results.

As you read each strategy and tip, picture yourself using it. Think about how you can modify your approach to extend your hand and invite your customers, colleagues, third parties, and even your Executive team to want to act on your behalf.

Whether it’s verbal communication skills, negotiation and dealing with difficult conversations (Section One); persuasive, professional, productive email sales writing (Section Two); or how to be your best self when presenting, pitching and having other high-level conversations, you’ll discover how to boost your confidence and watch your career skyrocket.

Master Sales Through Foundational Skills & Strategic Steps

Practice using the skills that help you Say It to Sell It. This book is loaded with strategic concepts for you to apply, and specific steps for you to follow. You’ll learn exactly how you can communicate authentically and collaboratively to become a trusted advocate, a respected leader and a person who gets things done. You’ll learn down-to-earth strategies to, boost revenue, and build and maintain the relationships that make selling easy, fun and profitable.

You went into sales to be in control of your earning potential, to influence others and to help them create success. The concepts in this book will teach you how to do that.


Make cold calls more easily and more successfully
Communicate your solutions to create distinction
Create emails that separate you from your competitive set
Break through to prospects who are happy with their current suppliers
Present, pitch and persuade with power, polish and pizzazz
Boost your success and amp up your sales potential with proven strategies
Highlight the value you offer
Sell more, more easily

When you’re looking for specific, actionable ideas to propel your sales career forward, this book is for you.
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