Exclusive for past SpeakerSue workshop participants:

Update Your Email Skills Now! Best Email Tips, Tactics & Techniques to Sell Today! August 5 at 12:30pm/PDT/3:30pm/EDT.

What would ONE extra booking mean to you? Or two or ten? You are sitting on a gold mine right now, or you have the potential to create one, but you the conversations have changed and you’re feeling a bit rusty.
If you’re ready to update and polish your email selling skills and drive your competitive set crazy, this 90-minute intensive, fun, practical webinar, Best Email Tips, Tactics & Techniques, August 5, is for you. But wait!

You are only eligible to attend only if you have previously participated in a SpeakerSue workshop or webinar.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend SpeakerSue live or virtual training, we’ll soon update this link with details to register for the next three hour webinar in September.

Email is the most used communication tool to prospect and advance the sale.

How would you feel to see your numbers rise at the price point you need to sell?

If you’re feeling a bit rusty, or dated, or you just want to energize your selling skills with FRESH, NEW research into what motivates buyers today, you will definitely want to join your colleagues August 5 for this exclusive session.
Did you know that 100% of the participants attending three hour training said the training helped them to email more successfully? That is 100% of the 3-hour workshop registrants who are now booking more business because they learned what matters most now. What words change minds. What structure is most easily followed. What messages resonate and create action.
How much do you think this is worth? F2F, you’d be billed back $500 or more to participate. This virtual opportunity is just USD$149 per person. That’s an absolute steal because one small upset or small meeting booked and you’ll be laughing over the cost of admission!

Close more leads! Register today to create compelling and distinctive positioning statements.

Check your calendar for August 5 at 12:30pm/PDT/3:30pm/EDT. Empty? Then fill it with substance to give you the kick start you need right now to accomplish your sales goals.

With the whirlwind behind us and now, too many emails to handle, there are specific strategies you can use to quickly build connection, and brain-friendly words that give your buyers confidence to move forward. You’ll uncover new ways to engage customers, convert leads and beat your KPIs by:

— adding “lightness” to your email (after all you aren’t selling brain surgery)

— showing care and compassion yet maintaining control (one without the other and you leave money on the table)

— creating “frictionless” next steps EVERY step of the way (9 out of 10 buyers choose the easiest path)

— adding mouth-watering outcome statements strategically

— using textural and sensory adjectives to compel buyers to read and respond and

— applying a 4-step email success formula that updates and simplifies all your email communication.

High achievers are never satisfied with what they already know. The recognize there are newer, better, smarter ways to achieve greater success. And as buyer conversations continue to change, those who can break through all the other noise, will win the business.

Register now for this Hyatt endorsed sales training to win the business time and time again.

Your competitors are stepping up their game. Will you update your skills, too? Transform results starting now!