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Your life has just gotten very easy!

Depend on SpeakerSue to take care of the details, logistics and pre-work to make your workshop awesome and fun.

Design. Check.
Delivery. Check.
Follow-up. Check.

With Sue, you’re free to focus on the other important priorities of the meeting, your work and your life. Sue and her office team will walk you through everything.


    Sue’s Audiovisual Requirements – Simple and Done!

    Your hands are full organizing and coordinating details for the event. Luckily you don’t have to worry about SpeakerSue – she is totally turnkey. Sue travels with her MacBook Air, as well as pretty much everything else of what she needs to provide you with a powerful, dynamic presentation.

    Her only requirements:

    An LCD projector

    A VGA cable that connects to her MacBook Air at the front of the room so she can see her presenter notes (as this program is customized entirely for you, and to do the best job, Sue likes the reassurance of her notes. Your group won’t know — this is a Mac after all ☺ — and you’ll be thankful when they participate readily and rave about your awesome speaker choice!)

    An audio cable (for quick videos and other audio)

    Internet access (for live polling of your group)

    A hand held microphone so she can run around the room (Yes, lavaliers are fine except Sue typically wears a dress to present – no waistband to hold the clip-on part of the system)

    Please download your preferred photo. We promise these aren’t prom photos though Sue’s hair style changes frequently (color too!)!

    Photo 1 (Headshot) | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5

    Who is this expert coming to train your group?

    The informal introduction is Sue’s favorite and if you feel your group needs a more formal introduction, it’s here for you, too.

    Informal Introduction (Sue’s Favorite) Sue Hersh – ko – witz — Coore

    Our speaker today is a highly successful entrepreneur, author and internationally recognized speaker. Last year alone, she spoke in Scottsdale, Shanghai, Switzerland and Spain and in places that don’t start with an “S” too, like China, Australia and the Czech Republic!

    SpeakerSue as she is affectionately called — also, she says, because no one can pronounce her hyphenated last name! — is the author of two business bestsellers: Power Sales Writing, published by McGraw Hill, which has been translated into multiple languages and rated by Selling Power as one of “Ten Best Business Books to Read”, and How to Say it to Sell It, part of a multi-million dollar business book series, published by Random House/Penguin.

    I could continue with Sue’s credentials, but she thinks it’s more important to get started than to hear the stuff that really only impresses her mother.

    So, the 2 other things I’d like mention are:
    1. Sue loves what she does, her energy proves that and,
    2. Her most important qualification, beyond degrees and accolades, is that she is about wanting YOU to leave this session with practical concepts to get best results

    From Scottsdale, Arizona, please help me welcome, Sue Hershkowitz-Coore — SpeakerSue!

    Formal Introduction: Sue Hersh – ko – witz — Coore

    Sue Hershkowitz-Coore has been called a “female with fire” and you’ll soon find out why. With multiple educational degrees including a Masters in Counseling and a post-graduate fellowship supported by UC Berkeley, Sue also holds numerous speaking awards such as being named a “Platinum” speaker – the highest possible designation – by Meeting Professional’s International and “Best in Class” by the Professional Convention Management Association. SpeakerSue (as she is affectionately called and also because no one can pronounce or remember her hyphenated name) brings platform excellence, extreme passion and an unparalleled depth of knowledge to us today.

    She has been quoted in USA Today, CEO Insights and in too many other articles and blogs to mention and is the author of two books. Power Sales Writing, in its second edition, published by McGraw Hill, has been translated into multiple languages and was rated by Selling Power Magazine as one of “Ten Best Business Books” to read! Sue also authored How to Say it to Sell It! which is a part of a multi-million dollar series on Communication Success.

    Beyond that, and I promise she will start soon, Sue is a past officer and board member of the National Speakers Association and a founding member of Meeting Professionals International’s Women’s Leadership Initiative. She is married to Bill, the mother of Michael and his beautiful wife Shelly, and more reluctantly , is mom to two crazy Springer Spaniels.

    Sue has presented top-rated programs in Scottsdale, Shanghai, Spain, Switzerland and even in places that don’t begin with the letter “S” including the Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and more!

    From Scottsdale, AZ, please help me welcome, Sue Hershkowitz-Coore – SpeakerSue!

    SpeakerSue Biography for pre-conference marketing (70 words)

    Sue Hershkowitz-Coore is an internationally recognized communications expert who helps people perform at their absolute best. Author of two 5-star books, Power Sales Writing (McGraw Hill) and How to Say it to Sell It (Random House/Penguin), a designated “Platinum” speaker by Meetings Professional International and named “Best in Class” by Professional Convention Management Association, Sue brings platform excellence and customized cutting-edge content to every keynote and workshop she presents.

    Breathe again!
    Sue will do great with whatever set up fits into your event space. When there is a choice, the preference is:

    For Sales Training
    Crescent rounds/Cabaret style – 4 – 5 people at each table
    Screen/Apple TV (ideally) on an angle, front corner of room.
    Computer table: Cocktail round/low or high boy at front of room
    LCD table close to computer table for connection
    No stage* (Sue runs around and individual coaches participants)
    No lectern
    Hand held mic

    For Keynote
    Seating as close to stage as possible
    Comfort seating
    Computer table: Cocktail round /low or high boy on stage (Sue to control her computer)
    Dummy monitor/Secondary monitor not needed
    Hand held mic

    Sustain the momentum

    with 5 – star Amazon books!

    SpeakerSue’s always awards participation and adds to the fun of learning by gifting a limited number of Power Sales Writing and How to Say it to Sell It! books. You can ensure everyone wins a book and gets to leaves with the perfect resource to extend learning, advance skills and sustain your program’s momentum. Bulk rate pricing is provided and the books are shipped directly to your meeting venue.

    Of course, Sue is honored to sign and personalize her message for your participants after her keynote or training.