Did you know, based on FMRI research, some words light up the “feel-good” portions of our brains while some light up the negative portions?

Yesterday’s sales skills will no longer suffice.

Fresh, authentic, innovative skills and approaches are needed now. Your competitive advantage, and your future, rest in hosting awesome remote meetings, using brain-friendly email messaging, and making large and small changes to create huge impacts.

When buyers trust you, you earn their attention.* By further understanding the very real impact of your words on your success and your client’s happiness, you will change your world.

Please download the brief list of ideas to energize your team. The topics suggested are based on what I am currently being asked to present to my financial and insurance industry, luxury goods, retail and hotel clients.

*2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report

What to Expect When You’re Planning

Sue loves saying yes but if she can’t help your team gain the competitive edge, she’ll tell you. Based on the insights you provide and her expertise, she’ll recommend the best program that will absolutely move the needle for you. Whether awareness training, full day or two day programming, Sue will collaborate with you to position your group for best results.

SpeakerSue’s track record (as opposed to her half-marathon record; she does that too) speaks for itself. After training:

98.08% of all participants feel better prepared to authentically communicate their unique brand message

65.38% book business or have new business entering their pipeline as a direct result of attending training

The idea that “one size fits all’ is even less true when it comes to sales training than it is to a dress or trouser!  “Off-the-shelf” programs don’t exist when working with SpeakerSue. Expect extreme customization or as our London-based clients say, “bespoke training at its best”.

Every bit is designed for you, based on your organizational DNA, using your current reality and initiatives (and KPI’s).

Once Sue has the background information and collateral she needs from your team, you can sit back and wait for her to show up to present the most meaningful training your team has ever experienced. Your only involvement is to distribute whatever pre-work and surveys Sue designs for your group, and make copies of the pdf workshop resource she creates for you. Everything else is taken care of directly by SpeakerSue and her office team.

Accelerate Sales Skills:

Develop Business and Convert Leads to Booked Business

Business Development: Prospect “cold”, social, other lead generation
Generate new referrals
Understand and apply on-trend sales and communication processes
Communicate value, distinction and consistent authentic messaging
Manage “objections” and moving to agreement
Use insight-based questioning to become a trusted partner
Build and enhance profitable business relationships
Elevate the business relationship from supplier to trusted business partner
Tell your sales story, your way
”Upsell” to boost satisfaction and profits

Advanced Sales Strategies:
Maximizing Revenue

Boost strategic positioning within existing accounts
Accelerate and redefine negotiating skills
Advanced presentation skills for high stakes/C-level presentations

Individualized coaching is included in this advanced training.

And more!


Your company is distinct. Your culture is unique. Your brand voice is a competitive advantage.

Why settle for out-of-the-box training? Every presentation – virtual and face-to-face (oh, that sounds so nice!) – is fully customized to ensure you meet your sales goals and objectives.

Based on stakeholder conversations, Survey Monkey questionnaires and multiple other assessments, SpeakerSue creates powerful, practical, engaging training to accelerate your success. Your team will likely think she works for your company (and she does!)!


Looking for an even further level of support for key players? In her one-on-one coaching or team consulting, Sue gently, lovingly and respectfully helps them elevate their game. If it takes a kick in the pants to get them going, so be it! Her combination of years of building businesses and her energetic, fun and spunky personality ensures learning and accountability!

Just wanted to let you know that, thanks to what we learned about prospecting in that webinar, I “Speaker Sue-d” a woman today from being rude/short to me initially, to coming in to have lunch with me at the end of the month! Your techniques really do help!

Sales ManagerPhiladelphia, PA


Are you looking to energize your group with a practical and motivational message? If your goal is to set the perfect meeting tone, boost creativity, enable the best business conversation and have some fun, you’ll love SpeakerSue!

Sales and business audiences –and their stakeholders! – always appreciate:

Looking for the Second Right Answer: Hello, It’s You!

Are your first ideas also your best ideas? Kick off your meeting, get participants pumped and prepare them to look to themselves to increase profits and unleash their potential. They laugh and learn and discover the power of second right answers. Change your lens and exceed your expectations!

Yes, of course this keynote – and everything SpeakerSue presents – is customized hit exactly the right message your group needs to hear.

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