Every sales person needs to close the sale yet the idea of “closing” (think about these examples [but before you play, know these are not G rated clips]:The Wolf of Wall Street , Reco, Glengarry Glenn Ross often feels really sleazy. “ABC” – Always Be Closing – has become obscene.

Yet we are. Ever since we first wanted something, we’ve been working to close the deal. Remember that toy you wanted, gum at the check out line, ice cream? First, we’d ask. Maybe we would be straight forward about the ask. Or cute. Or more polite than normal. At that point, we either closed the deal (of course, I’ll buy that for you), compromised (if you’re a good girl, after dinner tonight, you can have the ice cream), negotiated for a quicker close (if I’m really good could I have it after lunch?) or we might try a different type of close to get the deal sealed more quickly either through a tantrum or some logic (but I’ve been so good all day and even shared with sibling name and helped him make his bed this morning). Whatever… you get the point…we learned to close in many creative ways, and kept trying to close, because the end result was worth it to us.

3 Ways to Close More Business

1. Want it bad enough
If you really, really wanted the ice cream, toy or date, you’d absolutely try a second, third or twentieth attempt – a different type of authentic approach – to get it. With respect, with care and without stalking, do that with your prospect too. Always take control of the next “ask” in your email by writing, “I’ll follow-up later in the month to talk about other exciting possibilities.” If you’re on the phone, the best “ask” is always, “Thank you for letting me know and when would be best to follow-up with you?” (If they say, never, it’s a good time to move to another prospect who needs what you’re selling.)

2. Set smart expectations
When I help sales professionals accelerate sales through email, and ask them, “What do you want to gain from this email?”, their most typical answer is, “Close the business!” or “Convert the lead!.”

Really? “Is that what this email – these few sentences – are supposed to do,” I ask? It’s silly to think that every email can or will close business. Every email can move you and your message a step forward, make the buying experience easier and advance the sale. Of course, that is closing.

3. Concentrate on their buy not your sell
Just because you may need to push your sales numbers up doesn’t mean your buyer needs to buy at this moment. Don’t stalk. Maintain control of the next step always, but uncover their time frames and needs. “When would be a good time to talk more about this?” is a great question to ask. So is, “I’m wondering if you were to move in another direction, what might be the benefits of working with a different vendor?” Then, create an effortless path to ensuring they have what they need when they need it. You can only move to the close if there is nothing to close!

Always be closing, when paired with Always Be Caring is a great motto and will ensure you close more business.

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