Okay… so the heading may be a bit extreme.

Or, maybe not.

Not if you’re in sales and you want to sell.

Being relevant has always been key and thankfully, being authentic – articulating your brand story and presenting your best self – have become prime differentiating factors,too.

Blend personalization and true care into the mix and you have the Golden ticket.

Personalize every email and every proposal. It’s not enough to simply slap the name of the client on the first page of the proposal (yes, they really know you do that). It’s caring enough about their success to take the time to consider which parts of that proposal are important to that buyer, which words matter to them and how you can help them envision their success.

Pop quiz! What is wrong with this proposal?

Thank you for your interest in having your event catered by ABC! We specialize in both Plated and Dinner Station menus and our culinary and service team would love to partner with you! I understand you are interested in having dinner stations at your evening event so I went ahead and put together a proposal for you inclusive of…

Answer: A million things!

Specifically (for this post):
•What type of “event”? Personalize.

•If you know I’m interested in Dinner stations, why begin by telling me you specialize in both plated and dinner station menus? Personalize.

If gabillions of people (I’m one of them and you know you want to, too!) are willing to now pay $5.00 for a personalized bottle of Coke instead of just .79 for a plain bottle with the same ingredients, surely the word is out: Those who personalize are more likely to thrive and those who don’t can expect their sales to die.

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