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Selling Skills

2 ways to get them to salivate

Have you ever looked at a photo advertisement and practically salivated over (and for) the chocolate-covered, chocolate-filled, chocolate cake with a side of perfectly melting vanilla bean ice cream? Or, have you read the description of a menu item and were almost drooling in anticipation? That’s exactly what you want your words to do. Get them to salivate!

Compare these pairs.
A. Thank you for your time today. We look forward to hosting your event.
B. Your attendees will thank you for selecting the Buster Hotel and Spa for Sales 2009.

Both of these statements could open a sales letter. But don’t use sentence A. It’s just too blah. Too typical. Too nothing. Sentence B paints a picture of success. (Even if their attendees won’t actually pat them on the back, it’s drool-worthy to think they would.)

Paint vivid pictures in their mind’s eye.
A. Your next meeting will be great. (Yawn)
B. Your next meeting will be fun and productive, and your attendees will leave pumped and ready to sell more, more easily. (See them rushing the doors, ready to sell!)

Talk to them about what matters to them – and be enthusiastic about it!
A. Our conference center has adequate space for your trade show and your meal function. (Adequate? Just barely good enough, or what?)
B. Your trade show exhibitors will love the spaciousness of the conference center. They’ll have plenty of room to mingle with their buyers both at their booths and around those delicious food stations you planned.

Make buying easy with words that invite and influence, not just inform. Get them drooling!

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