You just received an angry/patronizing/nasty/uncomfortable email from a client or colleague.

The writer was rude and wrong.

You quickly begin typing your response.

And then you stop.
And breathe.

Because you know – the pounding of your fingers on the keyboard a dead giveaway! – whatever you’re writing is being written from a place of ego.

If this describes you, congratulations! You are not an email narcissist!

But most of us keep typing/texting/telling/explaining (in no uncertain terms) why they’re right and how the other person is wrong.

We get sucked into their negativity.

Stop it. Stop letting them get to you.

Instead of responding in kind, use these two tactics to elevate the conversation.

#1.Don’t write to prove them wrong.
It’s up to you to take the high road.

Pull up the big girl/boy pants and figure out a way to make them right.
“You’re right, this is a difficult situation and …”
“You’re right, XYZ does offer a lower rate and…”

Your goal is to help them feel safe and smart to enable the best business conversation.

#2. Neutralize the email.
Begin your message with a genuine thank you.
“Thank you for taking the time to email.”
“Thank you for your forthright approach.”

You’ll never be sorry for stepping back and elevating the conversation.

#3. Stay future-focused.
Instead of rehashing why their view isn’t right, focus on new options.

#4. “Success comes in cans, not in cannot” Joel Weldon
In email, it’s critical to give good news before bad.

Always focus first on what is possible rather than on what isn’t going to work.

Put your ego to rest to get best results.


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