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Change the conversation; change your reality

By December 18, 2008 No Comments

I just realized how much power I give negative situations in my life and I’m about to stop.

I’m sleepless in Bordeaux, France even though the sheets at Golf du Medoc Hotel and Spa are crisp and freshly ironed, the quilt is perfect, and my husband is right next to me. The time zones are playing havoc, but the delicious mushroom omelette, fresh green salad, the very special and worth-every-calorie gateau Basque, and amazing 2003 wine from the Margaux region, should have counteracted that. So, I got to thinking.

Not about all the blessings in my life. Instead, I’m thinking of the couple of people in my life who drain my energy. But wait. I’m in control of me. And conversation – whether it’s with our own selves or others – becomes our reality.

The best step, of course, is to change any negatives. That may not always be realistic, particularly in the middle of the night. Determining possible pro-active steps is a better way to spend the night, though it may not be sleep-inducing.

Step two: Focus on the good. Take charge! Change the conversation. It’s time to “cancel, cancel” and replace the conversation in your head with a focus on the positives that surround each of our lives. If you have to toss and turn, you might as well do it sweetly.

Good night!

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