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Could you just make it easy to buy from you? (Here’s how)

With my son’s wedding less than two weeks away, I knew it was time for me to get serious about the small rehearsal dinner we’ve kinda sorta planned. The bride’s family is all local but mine isn’t and since they’re flying in to join the celebration, the least we can do is offer them a good dinner the night before the event.

So Tuesday, back in town and focused on the wedding, I called six venues for a small dinner party in private dining space.Only half of them responded the same day.

One sent this only (check the spelling!):
REHEAARSAL DINNER – March 15th, 2013

One, our last choice, sent a lovely email but took no control of the next step:

And one, our first choice, was a phone call. From her car. When I asked if she would email me a photo of the room (not on website) and menus, she asked me to email her because she was driving (could she not pull over?) and she would respond to my email. I sent the email. Three + hours ago. Nothing.

Guess who we’re going with?

Life lesson: Just make it easy for them to buy. Sprinkle in a bit of love and positive emotion. If you earn the business simply because you were the easiest to work with, so be it.

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