Do your emails connect or curtail relationships?

Have you noticed that emails can be technically well-written (grammatical, no typos, good structure) but still be a major turn off? It’s like you can’t put your finger on, you just know you don’t really like the person who sent it.

Here is my take:

1. People who write too much about themselves, even when they think they have the right too, are less likeable.

Look over your last few emails.

If you could simply write: Please send a message, do you prefer, I would suggest sending a message…?

If you could just write: This is a great idea (or even better: You have a great idea!), do you prefer, I do certainly think this is a good idea…?

If you could write: Can you/Will you/Would you, do you prefer, I’m writing to ask if you…?

2. People who use cliches are less likeable, less approachable and sometimes downright patronizing.

Instead of writing: Please keep this in mind, just say what you mean.

Instead of writing: With that said, just move on.

Instead of writing: To my knowledge, just tell them what you know.

Instead of writing: At the end of this day, what this means is…, write what your interpretation is.

Instead of writing: At this point in time, you might say, at this point or now or whatever it is you really mean.

Do you know anyone who feels like they’re talking down to you? Check their emails for I-I-I disease and for meaningless phrases. Consider they may not mean it and just don’t realize how self-centered they’re being. And if it’s you, stop now.

What are  your pet peeves when it comes to unapproachable writing?

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