Email Productivity: Clean before forwarding

“But my customer’s are international. Do these same rules apply?” Yes! Writing respectfully, managing the connection and applying rules of business etiquette apply whether you’re writing to your customer in Kentucky or Katmandu!

Dave Thompson’s Kiwi (New Zealand) post might as well be from the USA.

Be brief he says unless you want to bore your reader. Check!

Avoid bling. No backgrounds, smiley faces, pretty logos, fancy fonts. Check!

No funnies. Copy, stuff in envelope, address, stamp. Not so funny now. Check!

Clean before forwarding. Don’t send what other people shouldn’t read. Check!

Wenkai Tay’s Singaporean post is old but that makes it even more telling. Back in 2003, here is what Tay said:

Email is a more casual medium than snail mail, and taking an overly formal tone can make you look like one of those “ousted government officials” who require your assistance on a strictly confidential matter of great importance.

Email is all about the other person. Write for them. Respect their time. Get results!

What differences do you see when emailing internationally? What should Americans consider when emailing other countries? Let’s talk!

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