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How to build business with great follow-up

By September 1, 2008No Comments

Apathy after the sale is the number one reason that customers don’t remain loyal. It’s also the number one reason relationships fail.

So what’s the antidote? Following-up. Paying attention. Avoiding a now-that-I-have-you-I-can-take-you-for-granted-attitude.

Translated, here’s what this means: Decide how many emails, phone calls or letters you’ll send this week to touch base with your customers. But don’t say, I’m writing to follow-up or to touch base or to see if you have any upcoming business. Instead, give them something.

Google key words to find articles that will help your key accounts achieve greater success. Then send them a quick email:


Hi Sophie,

Thought this article was interesting. Hope you find it helpful.


Great follow-up encourages customers to want to do business with you. You don’t always have to ask for business; you just need to sincerely take good care of them. And keeping customers happy is so much less expensive than finding new ones. It’s a great referral source, and a pleasant way to do business, too.

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