Goldfish! Lord and Lady Fauderdale were my two favorites, and I swear we could stare at each other for hours.

Well, I may have misjudged time a bit because it seems goldfish have an attention span of only nine seconds.

And according to Microsoft research earlier this year, human attention span is now less than that of even Lord and Lady – just eight seconds (down from twelve back in 2000).

So get ready to have your mind blown! Even with shorter attention spans and busier and more decision makers, a 2021 analysis of over 300,000+ emails (all genders and non-binary, internal and external, all age groups in the work force), longer follow-up emails are significantly more effective in getting to the next step in the sales process.

Sure read it again.

Follow-up emails.

Not an original prospecting email.

Once a prospect shows interest, a personalized response that creates excitement and value is your key to creating distinction and boosting your earning potential.

This is not a license to data-dump or ramble. It’s the perfect time to consider what matters most to your buyer and use your words to help them envision that outcome – their success, happiness prosperity – at your venue, with your product, with your unique service.

Concise is always smart. Yet, concise doesn’t mean short or brief. It means to make every word relevant to your buyer and then cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-thing!

Thinking of your prospects’ as goldfish is a bit unsettling but treating them like their time is golden, is key to your success.

Wishing you great success in 2022 and beyond!

Before you go—
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