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One perfect way to create connection with your customer

“Create a connection that encourages the customer to be more involved with that company and its products”

Steve Yastrow, tompeters!

Steve’s blog comment in response to the February 18, Advertising Age article, Snide Advertising is Bad for Business and Society, may be the best, all-encompassing benchmark for communication and sales success that I’ve ever come across. Apply the advice to any sales conversation – verbally or email – and you have the key to infinite happiness.

Determine to create connections that encourage your customers to want to become more involved with what you’re saying.

How? Be so entirely focused on the other person, and on his or her success, that the conversation – the email, presentation, voice mail, meeting – is like a light beam. Every single word matters to the recipient.

Start with your next email. Help your customer want to give you the response you want. Eliminate all negativity and sarcasm. If your comments aren’t helping to create connections, they’re hurting your possibilities. Build bridges, create connections and find that light beam.



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