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One Urgent Reason to Dream Your Dream

Not exatly when you dream is about money or wealth. If thats the case, Go Here for your success in money making. It was the gossip factor that motivated me to read the article in The Arizona Republic about “… a messy chapter for ‘Rich Dad’ team.” And I’m so glad I did. Not for the gossip. For the reminder.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote (with a little help from his friends) Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 1996. It’s sold more than 27 million copies in 109 countries and has been translated into 51 languages. He’s been on Oprah. Yet no major publisher accepted his manuscript when he offered it. In April 1997, Kiyosaki self-published his book.

Power Sales Writing, my first book, was turned down by 40 – 40! – different publishers. I self-published, too. A few years later, an editor from McGraw Hill called me. He had read the book and loved it. Would I agree to update it, include more email information, and they’d publish it?

So it’s true that Power Sales Writing has only been translated into 3 languages (so far). It’s not topped a million copies (yet). But it’s out there, it helps people and a publisher author receiving royalties.

And if it weren’t for, an agent wouldn’t have contacted me on behalf of Prentice Hall/Penguin to write How to Say It to Sell It, the sales book in their 15-million-books-sold-so-far-series.

Don’t give up. You have a dream? No one has to believe in you as long as you believe in you. Go for it.

“You have to have confidence in your ability,

and then be tough enough to follow through.”
–Rosalynn Carter,
former first lady 

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