Presentation Mastery

Presentation Mastery: But they scheduled 45 mins…

If you’ve given more than three sales presentations, you probably already know that the time they say you’ll have and the time you’ll actually have may have nothing in common. What can you do to still get your message across professionally and persuasively?

Be prepared. Have 3 presentations ready to give: One presentation for the time expected. One presentation that takes about half that time. And, one presentation that takes less than three minutes.

Here’s how: Know what matters to the audience and be ready to tell them. Say: I’m here to talk with you about how you can save, achieve, grow, build, profit, eliminate… and here are the 1,2, 3 key points that are important to consider: boom, boom, boom. Thank you so much for your time and how would you like me to follow-up?

Whatever you do, don’t disrespect your listeners by telling them what they’re missing. Offer no apologies.

And, drum roll here, always leave time to ask for the next step. If the CEO walks up to you before you even begin to speak, apologizing because she has to leave early to catch a flight, thank her for being there and ask her how she’d like you to follow-up. Always ask for the next step.

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