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Selling skills mastery: The trick to the new day

Someone deserves credit for this story because it isn’t mine. Here’s how I remember it: 

A bride cried by the side of a stream bank, fearful to cross it. The water would surely ruin her dress and the rising water terrified her. A group of monks were making the crossing, and she asked for help. Most turned their back to her because they were not allowed to touch women. One brave monk decided to ignore the rules. He lifted her up and carried her across the river. One of the other monks was outraged. “How could you touch her? How could you pick her up? You have disgraced us.” 

The monk who had carried the bride went to his room to sleep but was awakened a few hours later by a still angry monk. “You are a bad monk. You should not have touched that woman.” 

“What woman?” asked the half-awake monk.

“That woman – the bride – you carried this morning. It was wrong.”

“Oh her!” he said. “I only carried her over the stream, but you carried her all the way back to the monastery.” 

The trick of the new day: Let go. Let go of yesterday. Let go of what didn’t work, what went wrong, what hurt, what wasn’t right, what you didn’t achieve, what you said that wasn’t clever or kind, what was said to you out of anger, what you read that was negative, what you thought that was wrong. It’s a new day! Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy day!

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