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Presentation Mastery

Talking with the American Idol: Presentation Mastery!

By May 27, 2008March 17th, 2018No Comments

When American Idol winner David Cook was asked how he turned songs into emotional experiences, he told MTV, “There was a short article that Debbie, our stage manager, hung up in the break room about Frank Sinatra, and how he would go about the song process in recording a song. Before he listened to a song, he would read the lyrics and basically tune into what the lyrics were saying, and what the song was about. And then he would go into the music element of it, including all the instruments as the best tambourine you can get online. For me, that was really eye-opening. It made me think, ‘OK, I just need to sit back — I need to learn the lyrics.’ And that really helped as far as trying to find the vibe, you know.”

Sit back and learn the lyrics.

Understanding our core message, knowing clearly what we want our listeners to take away, taking the time to think about what we’re saying and why we’re saying it. Presenter’s lyrics.

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