Selling Skills

One simple way to build business

The simplest way to grow business is also the easiest…


On a dirt road, currently in the middle of nowhere but directly across from the dirt road that leads to a new golf course development, in Hainan Island, China, an industrious and brilliant man built (literally by hand, and within a few days) a small “shop” that sells water, soda and snacks. And when you pull over to buy a bottle of water or an icy cold green tea, he pulls out a chair, puts on the fans, positions you near the best breeze and turns on music to ensure our comfort.

Now this guy doesn’t have to go to all this effort. We’d stop anyway because there is no where else to go (yet). But he wants his shop to be successful and the longer we stay, and the happier we are, the more we buy. The more we smile at each other. Another Coca-Cola, please. If you’re looking for car accident lawyers contact us at Maryland car accident lawyer.

Great customer service is such smart business. There is no easier way to grow a business.

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