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A client called me out.

She had booked me years ago to present email sales and communication training and now, with a new organization, invited me to energize and accelerate her new team’s skills.

As always, I crafted a questionnaire to gain insights from her participants prior to designing the workshop. The last question:
What else would you like to learn or should I know to make our webinars meaningful?

Right away, she called me out.

The four other questions were okay, but about that one, she emailed:
“Can you use words that show this isn’t just a webinar (which is a ‘preaching’ opportunity vs zoom/online meetings which are engaging)?”

Wow. Yes! Yes I can.

Notice how she differentiated between a “webinar” (preaching) and “zoom/online meeting” (engaging)? You may or may not agree (I agree) but notice how strongly she felt. If you tried to sell a webinar to her, you’d fail.

More, I also realized my question offered only a very weak benefit to them. It was all about me!

The revision:
What else would you like to learn so your time is meaningful and fun?

Two take aways
1. Ask yourself: What is the most positive, most enthusiastic, most personable, most interesting word you can use – and still be authentic and true to your personality? Enthusiasm is contagious!
2. Use the You-attitude. Present your message from their perspective. It’s the only view that matters.

These are such simple take aways. And they aren’t new or revolutionary, yet proven time again.

The more authentically positive you are and the more they can feel your care, the more you can help them feel emotionally certain (safe and smart!), the more likable you become.

Likability leads to trust and more than any other factor – beyond knowledge, price, product – likeability and trust will determine the outcome of your sale.

Now more than ever, this is your key to your next win.

Before you go—
The whirlwind is behind us and the future is bright! With two-thirds of buyers preferring remote interactions – digital and virtual – polishing your email selling skills is key to dramatically improving sales.

It’s time to stop sending email after email only to be ignored! You can write quick, strategic, smart messages that get results and drive sales!

Check availability for a fully customized on-site sales training workshop or virtual training series. Visit Sue’s website, email or call +1-480-575-9711 for possibilities.


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