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Communication Skills

What one thing changes results? Increase friendliness now.

Short post today. Every single thing I research and know points to just one concept: Increase friendliness now.

But… and it’s a very large but… it has to be real. Pretending to care and caring are as similar as light cream cheese and the fat free (ugghhhh!) kind. One is worth the calories and the other isn’t even worth tasting.

What can you do to create more friendliness in the emails you send?

How can you communicate in a friendlier (more caring, more compassionate, more respectful) manner?

Can you care more about them than you do about your agenda? Whether you’re a sales person protecting your dates, a meeting planner protecting your duties, a teacher protecting your position… can you care more about the other person than you do about the results you receive? When you do, you get better results. Trust me on this one.

Increase friendliness now and watch your success grow.

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