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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In my keynotes and workshops, I talk about loving your customer. I typically open a sales training program with this question, “How many of you love your customers?” There is a funny follow-up to that when not everyone raises his/her hand…

Of course, it’s sometimes hard to love them all after they become customers. They have the audacity (tongue firmly in cheek) to expect that we’ll actually deliver what we promised. Sometimes they want even more than what we promised. (By the way, promising to “exceed their expectations” is never smart. “Hey man, order the lasagna. It’s the best you’ll ever have,” your BFF says. You are ready for that plate of lasagna but because your expectations were elevated, even though the lasagna is excellent, it’s disappointing because it isn’t the best you’ve ever had. And when they want more than we can deliver, shame on us when we don’t honestly and fairly communicate the value of what they are getting.) (This is true for life partners too. Just saying.)

Customers have their own reasons for buying and they usually are not the same as our reasons for selling. We may think we have the most beautiful ballroom or the most meaningful presentation but they’re likely buying the outcome the gorgeous ballroom offers (memories! high attendance! easy networking! inspiration!) and the meaningful presentation delivers (more sales! high attendance! retained talent! greater income!).

The more you can love your customers, make their lives easier and help them look like (authentic) heroes, the more likely you will be to achieve your best results. It’s karma baby!

How do you love them? What do you do to help them build success?

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