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Email is the default communication in most offices today. Yet, poorly written emails:

• waste time, damage productivity and cause stress

• get ignored because they lack clear actions or instructions, and

• risk damaging your brand and your business.
Here are 9 quick tips to boost productivity and results.
1.Know what you want to gain from the email before you begin writing it. If you want a phone call or whatever, remember to ask for it.
2. Be polite. Start your email with  a greeting (Hi Name) to set a friendly, collaborative tone. Just using the recipient’s name is unappealing.
3. Take effort away from the other person. If you want something, make it easy for them to give it to you. Even if it’s just setting up a conference call, present the options in their time zone, not yours.
4. Copy only the people who need the info. Really, everyone knows when you’re playing politics with your emails.
5. Use a helpful subject line. Make it a truthful summary of what the email is actually about.
6. Be concise. Eliminate giving “duh” directions like “Please review.” Do you really think they need you to tell them that?
7.Focus on them. Reduce the number of times you use the word “I.”
8. Be clear. Determine if your email is simply intended to inform or, more likely, if you want it to persuade the recipient to act.
9. Love them. Let them know that you really – authentically – care and are excited about their success and happiness. Let this drive every communication.
According to a recent white paper by Information Mapping, we spend 75% of our days reading and writing email. Boost productivity and results with these simple email tips.

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