The meeting professional I spoke with this morning works with a network of trusted suppliers. Again and again. And again.

Doing my research for an upcoming presentation, I asked: So then how does a new vendor break in?

“Ten minutes at a trade show” is the best start, she said.

Then what?

1. Follow-up!
2. Don’t nag!
3. In the email, mention something we talked about.
4. A generic email “Thanks for your time; glad we met” is deleted.
5. Send new ideas. Spark my imagination with your current offerings.
6. Give me something NEW. I want my stakeholders to know I’m on the cutting-edge.
7. Show me experience.
8. No track record? You may be the best thing ever but I’m not taking a chance. Show experience. Give me confidence.
9. Don’t be aggressive because I’ll talk about you to everyone I know.

“If you know we’re going to have 10 minutes to talk, and you don’t do your research, I’ll be polite and humor you. But I won’ hire you. Ever. Know who we are, what we do, what our strengths are.”

“Be prepared to lead a conversation not deliver a sales pitch.”

“Use email to build my knowledge always paying attention to what is important to me; not necessarily what is important to you, your company. If you know I typically book 20 – 30 room nights, I don’t need emails announcing your new 20,000 foot ballroom. You’ll just get me used to not reading and deleting your emails.”

“If you create a new spa treatment that will give my group a thrill, tell me before you announce to the world. That will make me remember you – and try your services.

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