How many times has it happened to you?

Your deal is moving along sweetly and everyone seems happy with your fair price and good value.

Then, bam! Before the client approves the agreement, they ask for more, or less.

Here is a scary thought: It’s likely you (inadvertently) told them you were available to further negotiate.

You said or wrote something like:

I may be able to… (Okay.. good! I’ll expect it.)
It typically ranges between X and Y… (Be assured they only hear the lower price.)
Let me know what else I can do to earn your business? (Give me X, Y and Z please.)
Please tell me if I need to do anything else to secure this meeting. (Yes, yes, you do)

Stop it!

We teach people how to treat us.

And those phrases practically neon sign your desperation (even if you aren’t desperate!).

It’s up to you to sell value, not to give the store away!

Are you still offering concessions to clients? Uggghhh!

You aren’t conceding or giving in to them, you’re adding value with inclusions.

The simple act of updating your selling language and messaging adds value to your offer.

PS. Stop thinking about creating urgency and start thinking of creating FOMO. Different mindset yields better sales messaging.

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