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Texting is simply more immediate than sending an email. But business texting has its own set of strategy. Here they are:

1. Only text if you have an established relationship with your client.

2. Text only during normal business hours for them. Just because you’re in Maui and working at 5pm (not that you’ be working at that hour in Maui), do not text to your client in New York or London. They probably don’t love you that much that it’s okay for you wake them.

3. Ask them to opt-in to your texts.

4. If you can’t be brief – no longer than a tweet – don’t text. Most common length of a tweet is 33 characters even though 280 allowed. Think about it.

5. Use text to provide links or to let them know you sent an email or uploaded a proposal.

6. Don’t use text as a marketing tool. Blast them and blow your chances with them.

7. Photos are great to attach but no files.

8. Only ask questions that they can answer with one word or just a few. If what you’re asking requires thoughtfulness, send an email instead.

9. Let your customer initiate the text relationship. Provide your mobile # and suggest they text with questions. (Downside: If they text, you have to respond quickly.)

10. Keep it conversational and friendly but…

11. Check spelling and punctuation. It’s still a business message. Check voice to message texts too. Really.

12. Start with the action you’re looking for so they don’t have to read your entire text, and you can still get best results.

13. Though using all caps in email for positive words gains attention, when texting, it’s infuriating.

14. Don’t use texting when you should be picking up the phone or emailing.

15. You got bad news? Pick up the phone. (Too chicken or don’t feel confident about your phone skills? Email.) Don’t text.

16. Use full sentences. Half-Sentences are only half understood and almost always your meaning will be misinterpreted.

17. Identify yourself! Just because you know your phone number doesn’t mean your recipient does.

18. Polite touches like please and thanks make a huge difference in perceived tone.

Text appropriately and have a strategy.

One person can welcome me to your hotel but I shouldn’t also receive that same welcome (or even differently worded) from your concierge, GM and DOSM.

And why am I getting a welcome anyway? What’s the strategy? Is it to sell your restaurant promotion or to make my stay more fun?

Texting isn’t the same as emailing but some things are the same. Show care. Be smart. Revolve around your customer.

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