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Nine out of 10 leaders say “delivering bad news” is the hardest part of their job.*

We’re comfortable managing the other persons discomfort and using just the right words is a learned skill.

So Imagine you booked a group and when they need additional rooms, you either have them but at a much higher rate or maybe inventory is sold out.

Key #1: Communicate now
Bad news never goes away. It only gets more difficult to explain.

Be prepared with a solution.
There is always a solution.
You or they may not like it because it may cost you or them more – more time, money, effort – than you want to spend but yes, Virginia, there is a solution.

Key # 2: Change your thinking
Your job is to make this work for the customer or co-worker. It isn’t to protect yourself from a painful conversation.

Start with heart.

Change the idea of “bad” news to deliver to simply news to deliver so you can move toward a solution.

Bad news should never come as a surprise. Avoid making your life and theirs more challenging by showing respect and communicating quickly and transparently.

Person-up! As soon as you know you have a situation to manage, tell your customer. Use words like:
“I wish I didn’t have to tell you this,” or
“I’m sorry to have to share this news at this late date,”

You say you should have told them sooner? Say that!
“I should have spoken up/emailed sooner…”

Things happen.
It’s how you deal with it that cements relationships, elevates credibility and builds trust.
The other option? Create a customer service nightmare.

You have the power to change a negative experience into something better by staying customer- focused, solution oriented and transparent.

That’s how you deliver “bad” news and win more business.

*Forbes – 2018

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