Selling Skills

3 actions to take when your customer doesn’t need you anymore

In the blink of an eye, it’s changed from a seller’s market to a buyer’s. What to do when you may have never known what this is like? What to do when you’ve been selling longer than the earth has been around and you don’t remember what to do?

1. Stop worrying and start doing. Thinking about the situation could get the most positive person down. Every time you hear yourself talking about the current economic reality, stop yourself. It’s been like this before and it will be like this again. Some people will flourish. Make it you! Start doing something… write an article, call a prospect, call a customer, start a blog.

2. Love your customer. More. With any luck, your customer knows how much you value her. Now, pay even more attention to her needs. Listen to what really matters. Think of creative ways to add value with or without charging more.

3. Differentiate yourself. If you sound like everyone else, if you do the same things, advertise the same things, look the same and act the same, then it doesn’t matter if your prospects choose you or your competition. What do you do differently? Tell them!

During my run, before I spoke in Norfolk, VA, Sunday, I saw a sign that listed: The Outback, Hooters, and The Bar & Grill. The Bar & Grill’s logo included this: No frills, No theme – Just Good Food. They’ve made it easy; if you want to pretend you’re in Australia or that one of those beautiful Hooter girls would actually look at you in real life, you can live your fantasy. And if what you want is just good food, you have another.

Help your buyers figure out who you are and who you can help them to be.

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