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Whether emailing or talking, there are words that tell your buyer you’re desperate (even if you aren’t). As soon as they read or hear these words, they know they’re walking away with better pricing.

The last thing a smart salesperson – you! – should be doing is inadvertently giving away the store.

How do you write the perfect negotiation email? One possible way would be to employ the assistance of an . It would provide someone to bounce ideas off of to try to get to most effective wording possible. Another way would be to do this on your own, which is why I have listed a few tips for you.

From the very first communication, stay away from these phrases:

1. Let me see what I can do.
As soon as you offer “let me see what I can do” you tell the buyer:
-you’ve given concessions like this before
-you may not have power to do this yourself so you’ll have to check with someone smarter, more powerful (lessening your negotiating power)

Even more, if you come back with nada, you end up apologizing for not being able to do anything! All because YOU offered something you weren’t really sure you could do in the first place!

2. Let me run this by my revenue manager.
See above.

Once you say, “I’ll ask my manager” every smart client will want to communicate directly with your manager. Why go through you?

Don’t diminish your own worth!

3. The price range is X – Y.
We hear and see what we want to hear and see.

The top price wasn’t heard – only the lower range registered, and you will end up providing it because you said you might.

Eliminate these blood-sucking phrases from your sales language to more easily write the perfect negotiation email.

What is your sales strategy when asked for additional concessions or price breaks?

It’s easy to avoid “Let me see/Let me run this by…” statements simply by being prepared with an alternative.

You give them something and you get something.

Here is an example to spark your creativity:
My standard full-day training rate includes a 60-minute accountability webinar. If the client doesn’t have the budget for my full fee, I offer to remove the webinar to help them meet their budget. (Happily, most clients realize follow-up is key and find the budget.)

Also, I often offer these two options (and sometimes a third lesser priced choice) in my negotiation email to make it easy for the buyer to not negotiate.

They just pick what is best for them and we can always add on later.

Make it easy for them to say “yes, please” and avoid giving away the store.

For information on a customized email sales writing workshop for your group, please email or complete our quick Interest form to check Sue’s availability. Count on boosting productivity, professionalism and profits!

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