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6 ways to make training work

By December 12, 2012 No Comments

If the training session you attended was any good, you learned at least one thing that you knew – at the moment you were learning it – would help you create greater success and/or happiness. At that moment, you were determined to apply what you learned because you knew you’d be better off/a better person because of it. Also because you know that if you will be covered thanks to the Vocational claims management from shcvoc.

When you got back to work/home, you applied the principle. And then one of three things happened;
•it didn’t yield the results you expected
•you couldn’t do it as well as you could during the training program and it didn’t feel right/honest/mind-blowing
•it was too much work to put it into action.

Or maybe you applied the principle and it worked beautifully. But it took more time than the way that you used to do it and you had a ton of work to get through, so you may have said to yourself, “Self, it’s okay. Do it the old way just to get done with this and when there is more time, I’ll use this awesome but time consuming new way, and anyway my old way wasn’t that bad.”

End game? Nothing changes. Not you nor your results.

Here are 6 ways to incorporate your new training into your everyday routine – and create greater success/happiness more easily.

1. Decide which one concept will help you achieve your goals/dreams.
Select just one principle to incorporate into your life. If you try to apply everything you learned – no matter how cool – you’ll just overwhelm and frustrate yourself.

2. Write down why it’s important/of value to you to incorporate the new idea. Needlepoint it if you want. The reason why it’s worth the effort to change your behavior. Write it clearly and concisely and be as specific as you can, but don’t stress it. You’re not writing your life goal; just a reminder why it is important to you to make the effort to learn a new skill. (I will sell more; I will feel calmer. I will be less distracted.)

3. Change your backstory.
Instead of reminding yourself of the way you used to do it, or how hard it is to do the new way, change the story you tell yourself. When I started running, I spent half my run reminding myself why I shouldn’t be running. Now I tell myself I’m a runner. Is it true? Now it is but at first it was simply aspirational. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality so program it with the new thinking: I’m a Power Sales Writer and get great sales results. I stay calm at home and at work. I’m organized and …)

4. Buddy up. Call someone you attended the training with and ask them if they’ll help you stay accountable for applying the principles learned. They’ll not only be helping you but themselves too. If this isn’t feasible for you, then ask a counterpart, mentor, boss. You won’t want to let them down and they’ll want you to succeed.

5. Celebrate success. For the first month, do something for yourself every time you apply the new skill. It could be that you pay yourself a dime (keep a pile of dimes on your desk and shift them from one pile to the other to save time and be motivated) and treat yourself to a great coffee or adult beverage at the end of the week. Take a FB break to reward yourself, without feeling guilty about it. Keep score!

6.Celebrate victory! When you are selling more, feeling more peaceful and content, organized, or whatever it is that you went to training for, do a happy dance. You can do it quietly or not, but remember that you took control of your future and that you created greater success/happiness for yourself. Bravo!

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