“No response is the new no.”

Is that true?

Maybe. Or maybe it’s just an etiquette faux pas.

Many buyers don’t like to let a nice seller down. Instead of wearing the big girl panties and sending a thoughtful, kind or simple email to alleviate the anxiety the seller is feeling, they create greater anxiety and fear because no news is so often seen as negative news.

And some buyers purposefully delay responding to an email. Make-the-seller-wait tactics create nervous sellers more likely to provide more concessions.

Sometimes the only reason for a non-response is just no time to answer, the reader didn’t see the urgency, you’ve asked too many times or no value was created and there doesn’t seem to be a need for a response.

We really don’t like no-response. Silence makes us crazy.

So here is the question: Are you at fault?

Be a mensch!

Be prepared to respond, “Thanks for your email. I’d like to give this more thought/I’m focused on another commitment right now. You can count on hearing from me by DATE.” Ahhhhhhhhh!

Don’t be the person who doesn’t show respect. Don’t be too busy to show care.


Sellers, a slow response may simply be a slow response. The buyer needs to check with others, is busy with other priorities. Whatever.

Don’t panic. Don’t knee-jerk to concessions. Don’t push.

Send an email that creates value, excites them about possibilities, is aligned with their key drivers and helps them envision their success.

Flip your focus and give them a reason to say, “Yes, please!”

Before you go…

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