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Communication Skills

Are you the one they can’t stand?

It’s been a busy week working with three different and distinct organizations and yet all three had the same question: How do we get along internally so we can present our best and most meaningful “face” externally. Interesting question.

Here’s the answer: Hold folks accountable for getting along. Really. Give them the communication skills they need to say what they need to say. Teach them how to hold important conversations. Help them understand that a confrontation when approached in a respectful and solution-oriented manner, by another name, is simply good conversation. Explain to them that ignoring and working around others (and feeling resentful or martyr-like) not only hurts morale, it hurts productivity and profitability. Provide alternatives to people who say stuff like: That’s just the way I am; My style is to be direct; I can’t “confront” them.

With a masters degree in counseling, I can give your team a communication process so that you aren’t bothered with day-to-day stuff that keeps them from performing. They’ll laugh, you’ll breathe and yes, you’ll all get along better. Want more? Please call or email: or 480-575-9711.

The alternative? Pretending that poor morale isn’t affecting profitability and your sanity.

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