Presentation Mastery

Why foodies are better presenters…

Joe Duffy wrote, “Whether you’re an Iron Chef or a Top Chef fan you know points for ‘presentation’ are just as important as they are for taste.” His Fast Company post started me thinking about all the beautifully presented meals I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy, which made me realize how much the design of a presentation is like the design of a great plate. Unless the message is delivered in a way that is palatable, interesting, innovative and fun, the message isn’t nearly as memorable. The presenter needs to put as much time into how the audience will receive the message as she does into researching and compiling the ingredients of the talk.

This week I watched a presenter sit down (to not block the audience) and FACE THE SLIDES as she talked to the 100+ folks in the room. To make matters worse, she READ the bullet points, point by point (as if the audience couldn’t – which would have been true for one slide that had so many bullets on it that the font size must have been a .2). The message was so important but no one wanted to taste it because it didn’t look good.

I’m going to try my best to create a presentation that is as visually compelling as my dessert at Le Pichet, Paris, any course at Barton G, Miami, or the slider trio at the Hotel Sofitel, San Mateo. If I can design my message delivery to be as beautiful and remarkable as any of those plates, I know my audience will have little trouble enjoying and digesting what I’m offering.


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