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Cold Calling Success: 2 Must-Remember Principles

A woman in my workshop today asked why, when she leaves a voice mail for prospects, “they don’t give a person the courtesy of calling back”? My response: Do you give them a reason to? Do you talk about what matters to them?

Here are SpeakerSue‘s absolute must-remember 2 principles for cold calling success:

  1. Be prepared with a concise, crystal clear message that matters to your prospect. Because it’s likely you’ll get voice mail, be prepared for an 8 second cold call presentation.
  2. Give them a reason to call you back.

Here’s a template. Fill in your information here: Hi, this is _____. _______ suggested I phone you. He saved his company more than ___ last year with ____ products. When you have a moment to phone, my number is _______. Again, that’s ______, my name is _____, and we can help you procure the same products you currently use at a ____ savings.

Don’t tell them that you’ve left 3 other messages. They know that and you’ll alienate them.

Don’t tell them that you know who they’re currently buying from. They know this too. Don’t waste their time (or yours) providing them with this startling information.

Don’t tell them that you’d “appreciate them calling you back.” They know you’d appreciate the opportunity to sell.

Less is more when it’s about you and your product. Enhance your influence by focusing your presentation on their needs, not yours.

Check out How to Say It to Sell It for cold calling scripts, power phrases and words you should never use (like “how are you?”).

What’s your greatest fear when it comes to cold calling? What are your cold calling pet peeves? Blog with me!

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