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Prove Your Worth: Presentation Skills and ROI

Half the world loves attending training programs and the other half hates it. Half love interactive activities and the others just want to get on with it. Way fewer than half actually implement what they learn, but which half will that be? And the half (or so) who use what they learn? How much more do they earn for their companies in sales and reputation? One person hearing one idea might transform a company, or herself. One person thinking differently as a result of attending a learning program might … who knows what amazing things they can achieve?

And that’s the challenge: Proving actual dollar value of training is tough. Various ROI -Return on Investment – measures have been tried. For instance, in an attempt to prove ROI, I ask workshop participants to rank their learning in a “Strongly agree – Strongly disagree (1-7) ” format. Attendees respond to statements like these:

I have acquired new knowledge/skills by attending this event.
This session was a worthwhile investment in my career development.
This session was a worthwhile investment for my employer.

We compile the results and sometimes stop there. (Every trainer and teacher should be required to do at least this after every lesson/session.)

Other times we ask the client to follow-up with their people in 3 months and again in 6 to see what skills they say they’ve implemented and what each person feels s/he gained as a result of skill application. Participants are asked to assign a monetary value to what they believe they’ve gained (or saved). It’s a great way to imply ROI or ROO (return on opportunity).

But, really, even when I get emails, feedback and follow-up that say “I’m selling more than I ever did before,” or “My prospects are actually returning my calls,” or when pre and post test scores are used to show learning, it’s still pretty much anecdotal. Faith-based learning.

So, I was really pleased to read Andrew Dugan’s entry to his Six Minutes blog called: 10 Ways Your Presentation Skills Generate Career Promotions. Well, yes, it’s still anecdotal. Can he guarantee that you’ll achieve that career promotion because you present yourself well? But we know that you have no chance in *&^* to earn that promotion if you don’t. ROI. Proven and Priceless.

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