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I see so much bad selling behavior.

It makes me sad because salespeople – most salespeople – truly want to help their prospects, and themselves too.

But they learn “technique” like:
Pretend you’re dumping them. Act like you know them. Use a catchy subject line but ignore what you promised. Make them feel guilty. Push. Answer their questions but ignore their feelings.

The only future for us is to be human.

To sell human to human.

To create caring business relationships.

To pass people off from one department to another (sales to catering?) compassionately, smartly.

To make next steps easy, frictionless, simple.

To write emails that move beyond transaction, create emotional certainty and truly help the prospect.

To not make more work for the customer.

To not answer questions with questions.

To focus on what is most important to them.

To infuse messaging with authentic positivity.

To seek to understand …

AI is good, but sellers who focus on the emotional component don’t need to worry about being replaced by artificial intelligence. AI can’t (yet) replicate genuine care, messaging that reflects deep seated values and brand, and compassion. The future is to be more human.

You can create your future one email at a time.

Start with these questions:
What difference will my product or service make in my prospect’s life/this orgs success?
Why should they want to deal with me? What do I bring that is special, unique, more?
What can I do to make their lives easier, sweeter, more successful and how can I message that?

The sooner you choose to use email to create connectivity – and not just provide answers – the more quickly you create your winning future.

Before you go…

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