Email is more important than ever.

Your words not only need to create rapport and emotional certainty, they need to motivate your recipient to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it.

So how is that working for you?

Are you developing new business, engaging past clients, advancing the sale and converting business to closed, profitable, delighted customers?

And while we’re talking, are your direct reports and colleagues working strategically, productively, profitably using email to build community and create opportunity?

Email – strategic, smart, significant – is your best friend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Pharma or Hospitality or whatever. Email matters!!

It doesn’t matter because your “customers” pay you directly or indirectly.

What matters most to them?

Answers to their questions. Boosting confidence.

Change their life – and yours – with emails that matter.

Want a formula to write the best emails of your life?

Email me: and use the subject line: I am so ready!

I’ll send you a job aid that will change everything.

Before you go…

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