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Do your sales presentations suck? They might if…

By September 19, 2011No Comments

With a nod to Jeff Foxworthy, your sales presentations might suck if:

•You think starting with good-morning-so glad-to-be-here-thanks-for-giving-us-this-opportunity is a smart way to open.
•You think the more words and numbers you can put on a powerpoint slide the more likely you are to wow ’em with your knowledge.
•You have to ever say “I’m sorry” about anything – running longer than you promised, having waaaaay too many slides, not having enough collateral, videos that don’t play, slides that are wrong or that you had a hard, long or no night.
•You think the presentation is about you and your company.
•You think they are as interested in what you have to say as you are.
•You think you can just talk at them without engaging them.
•You think you can deliver a great sales presentation without great preparation.
•You think you can tap dance your way around answers you don’t know.
•You even try to tap dance around an answer you don’t know.
•Enthusiasm isn’t you so you don’t show any.
•You’re happy when they have no questions.
•You’re thrilled when they say they’re going to think about it and get back to you.
•Really, you wouldn’t use Powerpoint except that everyone else does.
•You “personalize” your presentation by changing your title slide.
•You ask everyone to please turn off their smart phones (because you think they’ll be smarter if they glue their eyes to you).
•You like showing participants what they don’t know.
•You enjoy talking over people.
•You still think a sales presentation is the most important part of closing the sale.

Okay, so they aren’t funny but they are true. What can you add? Your presentation might suck if…..

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