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2 Easy Email Changes to Sell More

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What are the first and second things you look at when you read an email? Absolutely. You check who sent it and then you read the subject line. If both of those items are relevant to you, then you’re likely to read whatever portion of the message you can see in Preview. If the email passes that test, you open it, but wait… you probably don’t yet read it. More likely, you’re scanning the message and scrolling as you read. Only if it appears to truly be relevant, do you go back to the top to read the message.

What can you do then to sell more? Here are 2 easy tips to apply:
1. Create a compelling subject line.
•Put the most important words to your recipient first (so even if she is reading on her mobile device, she’ll still see it).
•Make the subject line action oriented but not pushy. Use: Action request, Confirmation or Call request not Read me, Action required or Urgent.
•Align the subject line with the email content. (Make sure the subject line accurately reflects what the email is about.)
•Don’t go overboard with excitement. There is a fine line between truth and cheese. Don’t cross it.

2. Write a first sentence that matters to the recipient.
•Focus on what matters most to the customer and begin with it.
•Forget the “warm welcome” and start by providing content the reader will feel warm about. Instead of starting with drivel like: Thank you for considering the ABC company for …, start with: Wait until you see the updates at ABC!
•If you feel like you must begin with something like: Greetings from ABC! Type it. Then, as you proof your message before you send it, delete that sentence. You’ll be amazed how often your second sentence is strong and reader focused.

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