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Focus on Your Pitch Not Your Product

Pitch. The word seems like it’s from a different era; we don’t “pitch” people, some say. We help them buy.

Then, they go into an idiotic pitch providing details and features that don’t matter to the buyer, present a feature filled slide deck, hand the person beautiful and irrelevant collateral, and follow-up with self-centered emails (I’m wondering if you’ve had a chance to review the proposal I sent to you?).

It’s all about the pitch; the way you present your ideas about your product determines how safe and smart your buyer feels about taking a chance with your product.

Think about it: Your pitch, the way you communicate your message, is even more important than the product you are pitching!

So what makes a great pitch? Two things:
-Knowing your product
-Knowing how your product will help the other person be more successful and happier

The more you can help the other person envision their success with your offer, the easier it is for them to agree to select you.

But it isn’t easy.

Think about your prospect’s life. It is so much easier for them to stick with what and how they’re doing things than try something new (you, your product). Moving forward with you means additional work, time and stress. Why should they agree to select you?

Because in your pitch whether at a meeting, tradeshow and social gathering, you stimulate them with ideas; you help them picture the exciting outcomes of working together so that they see that the trade off – more work for them but happier attendees – is worth their time.You don’t sell them; you truly help them buy.

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