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Have you given them a reason to say yes?

How nice would your life be if every time you followed up with a prospect, they actually answered all your questions? Or just the phone? Or maybe your email?

It can happen.

First, how did you position why you would be following up in your original communication with them? Did you tell them you’d follow up “to see if you’d like a sales agreement,” “answer any questions you might have,” or my all time favorite, “to see if you received the proposal.”

This bad positioning gives your buyer no motivation to actually want to engage with you.

Let’s say you positioned it in terms of them instead of yourself. Maybe you write something like: “I’ll call you Tuesday morning to see how we can help you save time planning your event,” or “I’ll phone Wednesday afternoon to discuss other exciting options to ensure your success..”.

Right away, they’d be more likely to want to talk to you. Wouldn’t you?

Back to the phone call… don’t get on to “see if they have questions” (see above for other reasons to not talk to you).

Instead, get on the phone or start the email with a benefit to them. The more you can help them feel safe and smart about talking with you, deciding in your favor and saying yes, the more likely they will.

It’s all in the approach.

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