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Hearing Twice as Much

It’s official. I hear twice as much as my husband! And it’s not because he doesn’t want to hear me (he’d never do that, right dear?!), or that he has a problem with his hearing. He hears fine! It’s because, according to this amazing research study, published in the August 2007 issue of Human Genetics, researched and funded by the National Institutes of Health, that our ability to listen to two things at once is largely inherited. So, when he, or the people you live or work with, become annoyed, frustrated, flustered or otherwise displeased with you because you’re talking while they’re listening to another conversation, and you’re perfectly able to concentrate on both conversations – you’re both listening to the best of your abilities. And your abilities are heavily influenced by your genes. Know more here.

I wonder if this can be extrapolated to multi-tasking in general. Like what happens if I’m in a meeting, and I’m checking my email, and leaning over to the person next to me to give them my opinion of what the person leading the meeting is saying, are their genes up to it? Are mine?

Funny that just the other day I presented a workshop in Austin called, Can You Hear Me Now? 5 Tips to Listen and Be Listened To!

Here are the 5 tips:

  1. Listen for agreement
  2. Have motive clarity
  3. Use positive frames.
  4. Help them feel safe.
  5. Become your customer.

From now on, tip # 6: Choose your parents carefully.

Can you carry on two conversations at once? Talk to me on this blog. All at once will be fine!

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