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How Fascinating Are You?

Recently, I’ve received a plethora of emails about the importance of being “fascinating.”

“Are you fascinating?” they shout.

Umm, no. I think I’m smart and strategic and look good (for my age) and I’m energetic and even cute (for my age). But Fascinating? Not so much.

But really? Who cares?

Do you need to be fascinating to be successful or helpful or happy?

Donald Stirling, I would presume, has never, ever, not for a nanosecond been fascinating. But he was successful until he became totally and obviously stupid. (My condolences on the loss of his son, however. No one should ever have to survive the loss of a child.)

Abraham Lincoln. How fascinating was he to those who knew him? (Not to imply that the former and later have anything whatsoever in common other than that they were unlikely to have been considered fascinating by their peers!)

My husband.

He is adorable, brilliant, fun, famous and the most gentle man that I have ever met.

But fascinating? He would be the last one to classify himself as such.

And why is that the goal anyway?

Who requires fascinating when smart, hard-working and loving are so much more attractive and authentic?

Here are the goals that I suggest:

  • Show Care.
  • Show Care about them.
  • Show Care about Their Happiness.

That’s fascinating!

None of us are all that fascinating yet each of us is smart and caring.

Save your money and attention when it comes to being fascinating and open your heart to being the best, most loving and respectful person you can be.

Do you agree?

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